HELP me~: How annoying the usage of "another" and "others" is!? another と othersの使い分けがいまいち分からな~い!

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Nov 21, 2012 23:57 question 質問 英語 English 学ぶ 勉強 語学 学習 言葉遣い 習得
Tonight I left a comment like the following, bellow my correction and example sentences for a Japanese learner's better understanding. But here is a question!
Was it okay to use "another" in my sentence, even though the number of mates I mentioned were 5?

My comment on someone's post I left tonight:
As another way of expressing it apart form the corrections other mates made, I wonder if I could provide you some alternatives (which may be a bit far from your original style of sentence though...)

Do you catch my drift?
I am a tad embarrassed to ask you this grammatical rule which may be a quite basic thing I should have known earlier though... I remember that when I was in my school days, I learned about how do we switch from "anothe" to "others."
It is like:

It depends on the number of persons. If it is among more than the three, we have to use "others," but not allowed to use "another." Because "another" should be used exclusively between the two.

Well, it's really annoying thing for me T_T
Please help me~
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