We Miss Foreign Students Who Left Japan T_T 留学生が帰国...

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Nov 21, 2012 07:17 ホームステイ homestay フィリピン人 Filipino Philippines フィリピン
The original plan was changed @o@
And two of three our guests from the Philippines had came back home last Saturday. They had been homestaying in our house for more than three weeks. Although their mother held strong desire to be with them together in Japan forever, something seems not to have allowed it. By her account, at least, especially one of them left Japan seems to have missed friends in his country, including a particular girl friend.
That said, I believe everything is still under control^^
Never mind! Both of them supposed to be back our home again in April next year! The happier thing for her is that they seem planning to work in Osaka where she lives. I wish you all the luck!

I dare to say that in these days my hands have been full with this, that and the other thing, so I did not have time to write my journals. Actually, I started working on another business related to English things, not paying any attention on my own English ability^^ Okay, let me mention it in my post in the near future.

Anyway, I'm back on the right track and finally seems to be settling down.
I will try harder than before to keep posting every day for improving my English more and more~