Which is correct, in my next post / on my next post??? in と on どっちが正しいの???

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Nov 16, 2012 23:57 English Japanese 日本語 英語 study 学習 学ぶ learn 勉強 語学
Now, for me, there is a confusion on English grammar.
Which sentence on earth is correct between those I typed as follows?

in my next post
on my next post

Once, Kind persons corrected my sentence of "in my next post," saying "When you write about the internet matters including websites, you should use 'on'."
So I carefully wrote my diary next day, using the passage of "on my post." However soon someone pointed out my misusage of "on."

This is the beginning of my confusion.
It was more than a year ago that I was advised on this matter for the first time. So, ever since I was made a correction at that time, I have had a feeling of "How I write this wording." Every time when I felt tempted to write this expression "in/on my next post," I had to be at a loss.

I know I should have asked about this earlier though...
Honestly, I have hesitated to write about this on my post until now because I didn't want to hurt those who have warm heart and tried to help me.

That's why I made a belated attempt to widely ask English native speakers.

And one more thing...
I would appreciate it if you also answer the following question (;o;)

Is it all right that I wrote as the below in my post today?
...saying "When you write about the...
...I have had a feeling of "How I write this wording."

I dare to say that I got the similar confusing advice some months ago.
One kind person said I should use an upper-case letter in quotation marks. On the flip side, the other person suggested lower-case letter to use properly.
I wonder how we distinguish between upper- and lower-case letters when it comes to the situation in quotation marks...

I would like to hear the view of more than one native speaker. The more, The better for me!
Pleeeease everyone help me~

in my next post
on my next post