Day 14 as a Host Family: The moment I first heard the 16 year old girl's merry laughter ホストファミリー14日目: 初めてこの16歳の少女のはしゃいだ笑い声を聞いた!!

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Nov 5, 2012 19:39 Filipina 英語 English Japanese 日本語 homestay ホームステイ Filipino Philippines フィリピン人
Yesterday I wrote about a boy who is one of my guests from the Philippines. Time flies! Two weeks has gone by since I invited them into our house as a host family.

Looking at them at this point, I have something amazed. Why on earth they don't care about this situation in which they live far away from their relatives and friends. I think it's no wonder that they would fall into a feeling of homesick. However, at least, regarding this fifth grade boy, it just looks to me like he always have stars in his eyes all the time so far. In reality, I can't see it any other way though... Or I wonder if he is trying to keep a lid on his emotion of homesickness.

More or less, living together in our home, I believe, will open the door to a wonderful future! At lowest, it's no doubt that we hold all the cards when it comes to the language matters. we can expect a remarkable progress of natural English/Japanese conversation skills not just for them but also for me(even though I wouldn't live abroad).

Oh boy! At this precise moment I'm writing this, a girl's merry laughter has been floating out from downstairs!!! She is a first grade high school student and also one of members doing homestay. Actually this is the first time I heard the sound of her cheerful and long lasting laughter!!
Thinking from this atmosphere, it seems like everything is going well without any homesickness they might feel, up to the present (^ー^)

ここにきて、ある疑問が生まれました。遠く親戚や友達と離れ暮らしているのに、なぜそんなに元気なんだろうって。ホームシックになってもちっとも不思議じゃないのに。でも、少なくともこの小学5年生の少年に関して言えば、今のところはいつもルンルンン気分でいるように見しか見えません。実際、そういう風にしか見えないんだけど... それとも母国を恋しい思いを押し殺してるんでしょうか?