13 Days of Homestay: The moment our talk started being animated ホームステイ13日目: 会話が弾み始めた瞬間!!

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Nov 4, 2012 23:57 話題 English Japanese 日本語 英語 homestay ホームステイ フィリピン人 Philippines Filipina Filipino
It happened tonight and was a fresh experience for me!!!
I'm happy to say I was able to have a very very lively conversation with the boy (who I have frequently written about in my recent posts) for the first time! He is one of my three guests from the Philippines and living together in my house now.
Why was this event such happy and fresh like that? That's because I hadn't had any experience ever to talk with children whose mother tongue is English.

Basically for me, catching what children are chatting in English with each other is quite difficult. I dare say I have tended to get nervous every time I hear child talks. So I feel like I've been keeping him at arm's length in a sense, ever since I welcomed them almost two weeks ago.

It happened to me when I was watching news coverage online as always this evening. Back then, I unexpectedly addressed him, who was about to go to bed, with something like "Do you know what this newscaster is speaking?" Because I felt a bit doubtful about his ability of English from the reason why he always answered me like only "uh, okay, yes, no" and a few phrases like "I will go out for school." However, to my surprise, he repeated the newscaster's announcement easily despite he is only a fifth-grade elementary school boy.

As soon as answering my question, he suddenly started explaining what the anchorman was saying so proudly! This is the moment our conversation became animated!
We had a really pleasant time with each other for a while^^
Then he went to bed with full of pleased look (^O^☆♪
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