Deep-six??? What's That!? / Deep-sixって...何なの一体???

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Nov 3, 2012 23:10 英語 English Japanese 日本語 話題 news ニュース language 言葉遣い wording
Body found in deep-sixed drum ID'd as Hyogo murder suspect's distant kin

This is yesterday's headline from an online version of The Japan Times. I wonder if those who are not English native speakers are able to translate into their mother tongue...
Here is a URL:

I read and watch news coverage in English every day. But when I came across this sentence, I had totally baffled by it. And my confusion continued for at least more than a few minutes up until I realized what "deep-sixed" was on line.

- Before continuing this post to begin with, let me apologize for my possibly improper behavior to quote that tragedy article into my journal. -

What popped up in my mind when I first saw this headline was "what DEEP-SIXED and ID'D were!?" That said, back then, I was able to make an assumption about ID'd. However when it comes to deep-sixed, I didn't have any idea how it should be replaced with Japanese. Yes, I could immediately imagine a word "was" must be omitted from the sentence, namely the complemented one would be "Body found in deep-sixed drum was ID'd as Hyogo murder suspect's distant kin." So I considered that what this headline meant was something like "A body found in the bottom of six drums was identified as one of distant relatives of a suspect who allegedly committed a murder in Hyogo prefecture."

But I'd finally figured out my speculation was totally wrong when I obtained some information from the internet. Okay, please let me quote one of the outcomes I looked for:


I would translate it into "throw ~ into the sea" in English.

AMAZING~ (@o@)

But why did this meaning become deep-six???
Body found in deep-sixed drum ID'd as Hyogo murder suspect's distant kin