11 Days of Homestay: What's a Blower!? ホームステイ11日目: ブロワーって!??

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Nov 2, 2012 23:57 Filipina 英語 English Japanese 日本語 勉強 Filipino Philippines フィリピン人 学ぶ ホームステイ 学習 learn study homestay 話題
"It was lying near by the blower!"
This is a term I heard from a boy this morning who is one of my overseas guests and currently living together with me.

When preparing for school, this boy asked me where his belt was, as soon as he woke up and was going out of their room. Then I answered him like "when I last saw your belt was just after you came back home from school yesterday evening." A few minutes later, I happened to see him wearing it on his waist. So I asked him "where did you find?" He immediately answered me as I wrote in the beginning of this post: "It was lying near by the blower!" "Blower?" "What's that!?" I threw the question at him. He let me know what blower is, as making a gesture. And then I realized it meant. But in Japan we are supposed to call it "ドライヤー drier!" In this time, I learned the way to say it in English.

This past over a week, in which I have been living together with foreign students, were full of surprises like this all the time.


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