10 Days of Sharing a House w/ Overseas Guests: Why do you approach to new letters contrariwise? ホームステイ10日目: 何でいつもアベコベになるの @0@

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Nov 1, 2012 23:27 Filipina 英語 English Japanese 日本語 勉強 Filipino Philippines フィリピン人 学ぶ ホームステイ 学習 learn study homestay 話題
Finally, the season of new year greeting cards (what's called "nengajo" in Japanese) starting to go on sale came!
Back then, this Japanese cultural greeting to welcome a new year was very very popular. However even though now we don't enjoy the nengajo as much as before, hearing of the news to launch a promotion always makes me aware of ending the year enormously.

By the way, the other day, I noticed a really interesting thing when I was teaching Japanese to a fifth grade elementary school boy (who is one of foreign students doing a homestay in my house).
Thinking of that, I remember that a couple of years ago, I have also written about the similar happenings about my son (who is, of course, Japanese) to this case of the Filipino boy. My son was in his first grade of elementary school at that time.
Their weird attitude to new languages, which they wasn't totally familiar with up until then, is...
I'll say, why both of them always write letters the other way around as images in a mirror!? I can't really get it T_T
How on earth can these things happen to them!? @0@

In the end, the most interesting thing for me was that the same things happened to both of cases between a Filipino boy who is learning "hiragana" and a Japanese boy in a struggle to write romaji. Hmmm, really interesting...

そう言えば、1,2年前にも同じようなことが僕の息子にもあって、それについて書いたのを今思い出しました。その当時、息子は1年生でしたが... 新しい言語を習うときに今回同様ほんとに変な行動をするんです。
理解不能 T_T
なんでそうなるの!? @0@

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