9 Day of Living Together w/ Foreign Students: Quick Posting Again 留学生との共同生活9日目: またまた急ぎの投稿に T_T

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Oct 31, 2012 23:57 Filipina English Japanese 日本語 勉強 Filipino Philippines 学ぶ homestay ホームステイ 学習 learn 語学 英語 フィリピン人 習得 study
I'm poised to make a snap post tonight. The reason for making haste is there are only thirty minutes remain until date will change.

Okay here I go!
As I wrote on my recent journal entries, I am now living with three Filipino and Filipina students from the fifth grade of elementary school up to the second grade of high school. The other day I (who was developing a critical feeling regarding a conversation with my overseas guests) started muttering English to myself all the time through my daily activities, apart from a business scene and things like that. The reason why I started taking such a strange approach toward English is because of making myself feel more comfortable speaking English, when I'm talking with my house mates.

Thanks to the monologue, nowadays I firmly feel like my speaking skill became significantly improved! Why can I say so? It's because I now seems to carry on our conversation more fluently without halting talk than I was.

Sorry, today's post seems to have become extremely similar to yesterday's one...