Day 8 of Living Together w/ Foreignstudents: I want to feel more comfortable speaking English~ 留学生との共同生活8日目: もっと自然に英語が話せるようになりたい~

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Oct 30, 2012 17:13 homestay ホームステイ Philippines Filipino Filipina English Japanese 日本語 英語 話題 勉強 学ぶ piercing learn 学習 語学
I have lately been writing about my overseas guests, who are currently sharing everyday life with me. This post is also continued from my journal entry yesterday.

Today's post would be relatively shorter than my average ones because I have to welcome additional visitors from a neighbor prefecture of Wakayama. It's my parents and younger sister! So the total of family members, foreign students and visitors would be 9 in this late evening^^
That's why I have to leave Lang-8 earlier for things like preparation^^

Anyway, before leaving, I have to mention about the following subjects that I gave my word on my post yesterday.

--How much pace is my new method of practicing English per day?
I dare to say it's all the time! Of course, this is just a discipline in my daily activity aside from when I'm involved in business related things and so on.

--How I practice this manner, in more detail?
I would like to write about this in a careful way on my next post again.

Anyway, the time is up again tonight!
I want to feel more comfortable speaking English sooner~