The Seventh Day: Disclosure~ My way to Learn English! ホームステイとの生活7日目: 僕の勉強法 公表します!

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Oct 29, 2012 23:57 homestay ホームステイ Philippines Filipino Filipina English Japanese 日本語 英語 話題 勉強 学ぶ piercing learn 学習 語学
A while ago, I spotted very interesting Japanese posts written by a male who is an English native speaker. His journal says he recently started posting short messages frequently, in the style of something like "Twitter." When I first saw his pieces, the thing popped up in my mind immediately was "Oh, it must be the similar way of mine!"

As those who read my previous entry know, I lately also began fresh attempt talking to myself in English all the time. As soon as trying this, I realized this approach was extremely effective for me! Why can I say like this? Actually I strongly felt that I wasn't as much frustrated as I used to be, when I was talking with my guests, who are foreign students and currently doing homestay in my house (one of their native languages is English).

- Conducting a monologue in English -
How effective is this method for my English conversation skill?
Needless to say, mumbling to myself in English seems to nurture the system to think and speak in English without Japanese, which is my native language.

Why did I start doing such a strange thing?
Thanks to my guests, I firmly understand that my crucial weakness is speaking as I wrote on my journal entry yesterday! So, back then, I was struggling to look for the way to talk more fluently with them, ever since I had welcomed them from the Philippines. One day, out of a slight stress, I dropped by a Japanese traditional standing style bar "TACHINOMI-YA" where I would spend the time once in a while to refresh my spirit. I may be a tad much stranger than an average of Japanese customers though... I usually drink alone without any conversation, even though the shop is packed with regular fellows. Would you like to ask me what I am doing there along with beer? I always used to think of something as listening to music or news coverage in English with my MP3 player. So this is absolutely my favorite time!

Drinking there as always, I was seeking how and what I should talk to my guests. I was thinking of our conversation..., simulating a scene..., as muttering to myself in English.
I was mumbling..., mumbling..., mumbling... again and again. And then I suddenly noticed the more I was talking to myself in English, the more it became easy to say something in English! Yes, this is a begging of the practice that I currently concentrate on.

Now that I surely understood that the biggest scarcity in my approach toward English was definitely an enthusiasm for a real conversation!
I love reading a English newspaper. I love watch news coverage in English on TV. I love write something in English on Lang-8. But when it comes to a real conversation, I tend to be reluctant to do...
Speaking a real conversation, I got some approaches from friends of mine here, to want to talk to me with devices like Skype. but I always used to answer them, saying "I'm sorry I don't have any accounts of things like Skype and experience of talking on line."

So now, I really appreciate my guests from abroad. They certainly inspired me!

Well, what a mess! Up until now, I did never notice today's post became long to that extent!
Okay, on the next post, I would like to mention how much pace I practice with this manner in my daily activity and write about how to practice in more detail.

Anyway the time comes! It's almost midnight again.
It means I have to say "good bye for now~"