The Sixth Day as a Host Family: Giving It a Try w/ a New Method for My English ホームステイとの生活6日目: 英語力改善のための新たな試み

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Oct 28, 2012 23:57 homestay ホームステイ Philippines Filipino Filipina English Japanese 日本語 英語 話題 勉強 学ぶ piercing learn 学習 語学
This post is continued from yesterday's journal which shed light on the weakness of my English. XD

Exposing my own shortcoming is always embarrassing. However I thought the most important thing in this point (I lately welcomed students from abroad in our house) was that I will enough make use of this precious opportunity for my English, as caring of, of course, their Japanese too. So I have tried to look into my English abilities carefully, assessing what skills were lacking and how I should do for improving that shortage.

Well, so much for preliminaries. Now, let's start off with the subject.
The fresh attempt toward overcoming my weakness is...
It's a monology! I mean I begun talking to myself all the time. Thanks to my personality, I'm embarrassed to say that I basically have a tendency to mutter myself from before. So in a means, it might be relatively easy for me to continue this approach. But although it is the thing I realized only a few days after practcing, I noticed I was less frustrated than ever, when I was talking with the foreign students in our home.

I would like to continue this topic more on my next post, in which I will write about how effective this method is, why I started doing such a strange thing or even at how much pace I am practicing this in my daily activity as well as what is the manner in more detail!

Oh look at the time!
It is only a few minutes remain to midnight! So I have to say "let's call it a day~"
Okay, see you later! BYEEEEE




またね~ (^_-)-☆