The Fifth Day as a Host Family: What Skill is Lack in My English? ホームステイとの生活5日目: 僕の英語力に足りないもの

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Oct 27, 2012 23:57 homestay ホームステイ Philippines Filipino Filipina English Japanese 日本語 英語
Thanks to foreign students (Who are currently doing homestay in our house), I feel like having found what kind of English skill is more required for me and the way to practice. This is exactly the thing I've been expecting ever since I first heard of the plan of we would be a host family. Back then I thought what on earth would happen to my English as we share our everyday life.

The lack of my ability to go with English is nothing but speaking skill! Thinking of that, it's really reasonable. Because it had been hard for me to find opportunities to talk in English with someone from abroad until when I welcomed our guests from the Philippines.

I dare to say that I'm reasonably skilled at reading and listing, thanks to Lang-8 and online news sites in English. But when it comes to speaking, using English was only a few times a day, even though people I meet every day account for an average of more than 50%. It's because all of our friends, customers and clients from overseas have a great command of Japanese. So our everyday's talk could't help but become Japanese here in Japan.

As I mentioned in the introduction of this post, now that I firmly realized my weakness in English. And I found how I should improve this problem!
I would like to write about this point on my next entry.

So, please come again and read more about the method I started recently.