The Day 4th as Host Family: May Become Hasty Post! ホームステイを迎えて四日目: 急ぎの投稿!!!

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Oct 25, 2012 23:56 homestay ホームステイ Philippines Filipino Filipina English Japanese 日本語 英語
Oh my got! For today's post, it's 30 minutes left to midnight!!!
This will be just about an English-only post and become shorter than usual... Those who read recent my journal entries may know why a little bit T_T

I have kept English posts along with Japanese for around a month though...
Well, this style of postings seems to be getting harder than before. Yes, as I expected, sparing my private time has been gradually harder than ever since we welcomed three guests as a host family.

But having said that, I have to clear this point. Even though lessening my favorite time to log on Lang-8 or watching and reading news coverage in English(which is the most favorite time for me), taking care of peoples from abroad, including one international student is really really fun for me! Furthermore, since we live together, conversation in my house is, of course, only English is available so far! As long as I'm concerned, there is no doubt that this situation is the best for me who are eager to get my English closer to native speakers'.

Thanks for always reading my posts! I’ll update when I have another good story.
Okay, see you later! B'bye~

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