Out of Control: Fascinated by a Woman Piercing Tongue 舌にピアスの女性に魅せられるなんて!

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Oct 18, 2012 00:09 pierce piercing ピアス English Japanese 日本語 英語 学ぶ 語学 学習 learn topic 話題 勉強
"How popular is body piercing in Japan?"
This is a text someone learning Japanese entitled for today's journal. He is a male Canadian. According to his posting, piercing the body parts is coming to gain much more popularity in the West. Say, it seems to be done not only a lip, nose, naval and tongue but also genitals.

I know myself I'm a sort of conservative person. So I have personally hated such behaviors. However it's quite strange that my unpleasant feeling toward body piercing have been weakening since I met a woman day by day. She is working for a shop where I often spent a refreshing time. I have been seen her for about 3 years or so. Recently I noticed that I am strongly fascinated by her personality despite she has a tongue pierced. For some reason, now that I could even say like "I love piercing!"

Well, recent this feeling is far beyond my expectation.
It's really strange for me...

Such is the way of humans, huh?