As a Host Family, I Am Teaching English-Skilled Children Japanese ホームステイ: 英語が堪能な子供達に日本語を教えることに

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Oct 17, 2012 13:13 English Japanese 日本語 英語 ホームステイ homestay 学習 語学 習得 学ぶ フィリピン人 learn study Philippines Filipino
Well, I'm really not sure whether it's good or not for me though...
On coming Sunday evening a female Filipino in her early twenties and two Filipino boys are supposed to come over to our home from the Philippines. They are brothers and a sister.

Although the young woman plans to go back home to her country after around three-months-stay in Japan, both of the boys are never leaving but live in our house. So there is no doubt that I have to teach Japanese to them who have no skills of it. The only thing that saves me is that they have a good command of English along with their own language Tagalog. It must help me to go since I am not bad at English even though Tagalog is currently not my field.

As I said in this introduction of the posting, I don't know how things are going with their homestay. Because it is true that I can't help but sparing a lot of my time for them. At the same time, there seems to be also nice factors for me who are eager to make my English closer to native one. As you know, most Filipinos take advantage of an English language society as a second language user. So what happens to my English as living together with these little English teachers!


この投稿のさわりで書いたように、彼らのホームステイで何がどうなることやら... なぜなら、彼らに多くの時間を割かれることになるのが事実だからです。そうは言っても、ネイティブの英語に近づけたいと躍起になっている僕にとっていい要因もあるようです。ご存知のように、多くのフィリピン人は第二言語の使用者としては英語の言語社会の中でナンバーワンです。この小さい英語の先生たちと生活を共にしていく上で、僕の英語がどうなっていくのか (^_-)-☆