Stay on Highest Alert: Never Say 落ちる or Any Words Associated w/ It 決して「落ちる」や関連する言葉を使わないで!

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Oct 16, 2012 23:57 English Japanese 話題 日本語 topic 英語 受験 entrance exam
I don't have enough time to write something for today's journal. It's because only thirty minutes left to midnight! So I will make a short post :)

Today, a question was occurred to me.
In this season, average of Japanese students, who are trying to go on to high school or university, start becoming nervous day by day. And so do their parents. So all of family members keep themselves on their toes all the time until he or she passes the entrance exam. One of what they have to pay their most attention is never to say any word associated with 落ちる that means "fall" in English. The interesting thing for me is that they are more cautious on not using "fall" rather than "fail."

Do you see similar efforts of the family in your country?
It's really interesting.