Never Seen the Cat Which Has Incredible Proficiency as an Actor こんなリアクション上手な猫は見たことない!

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Oct 14, 2012 06:28 英語 日本語 English Japanese 話題 topic
I'm going out for a short business trip from now again, following last Sunday. And it must consume the whole day... So, for the time being, I think I should write something in advance for today, even though it became a very quicker journal than usual.

Well, okay, I will write about a video footage I found on the internet the other day. The title is こんなリアクション上手な猫は見たことないよ!
Here is the URL:

Oh, it's exactly suited to the title! The title in English is "I have never seen the cat which has incredible technical proficiency as an actor or actress."

Hope you would enjoy it!
I have to go now. So I will translate my English journal into Japanese later on!
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