Don't say "That creeped me out!" 気持ち悪いなんて言わないで!

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Oct 13, 2012 23:56 English Japanese topic 英語 日本語 話題
When I was younger and there was more plenty of time to think about something than now, I used to try inventing a patent-worthy product.

One day, I finally came up with an idea that I believe myself, without doubt, to be able to acquire a patent. But unfortunately someone already had applied for a patent on a similar product only a few years before T_T
Up until now, no companies yet seem to turn this idea into a commercial goods though... (?O?)

This is hilarious! The commodity I found on the internet today is I believe definitely supposed to deserve the patent!

There is one more thing I was surprised when I first saw it. Which is a price! It's apparently cheaper than I expected (@o@)

Anyway, please don't say "Ugh, no thank you. That creeps me out!"

Oh, let me hasten to mention about today's post, I am NOT a salesperson sent off by the manufacturer... I would say it to make sure^^