POTLUCK: Does Anyone Know Proper Japanese? ポットラックって、聞いたことない!

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Oct 11, 2012 16:25 potluck ポットラック English Japanese 日本語 英語 word learn study 習得 語学 学ぶ 習得 学習
Thanks a lot for making me reconfirm how much we are happy to be blessed with this website Lang-8!
As always, browsing everyone's entry today, I came across a Journal entry posted by an female American who is working on the Japanese language so honestly. In her entry, she was expressing her own aspiration for the language as showing her gratitude toward those who make corrections on her pieces. I really impressed and I would be sure to try harder to keep my journals!

I appreciate you pointing out my mistakes, providing helpful instructions and making comments on my posting. Fortunately I'm now feeling like my English has improved to some extent, ever since I joined this site about two and a half years before (^O^♪

Okay, now to the main subject.
The other day I spotted an English word, which I've never seen, in a peace posted by a Japanese learner. It's "potluck." The writer translated this word only into ポットラック as pronouncing itself. But I assumed that most Japanese people were not familiar with ポットラック. So I commented on the post such as the following:

I have never heard of "potluck." So I immediately try looking it over on the internet. And I learned you would intend to mean a casual party where friends gather and bring up their food. Is that right? If so, I would imagine there isn't a Japanese word equivalent to potluck. In that case, how about 各自持ち寄りの食事会 or more simply 食事会 as well as you could also say like パーティ. I'm really not sure how I describe the potluck in Japanese though...

Does anyone have a proper idea?
ありがとう!? Lang-8にどれだけ僕たちが助けられているかを再確認できました。^^

間違いを指摘し、手取り足取り教えてくれる皆さんには本当に感謝しています。おかげ様で、2年半ほど前にこのサイトに参加して以来、なんか僕の英語も改善されてきたような気がしています (^O^♪



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