Unexpectedly thought like かわいい~, when I first saw a 21-year-old woman's friend request mail.

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Oct 7, 2012 06:17 English Japanese 話題 topic friend request 友達リクエスト
In a few hours, I have to go out for a quick business trip and it supposed to take a whole day. So I think it's better for me to post something for today's entry journal right now.

Well, I wounder what I should write about...
Alright, now I remember the mail I received yesterday hear in Lang-8. It's a friend request mail from a 21-year-old Thailand woman who are learning Japanese. You know, what I would like to talk about today is her Japanese sentences written by the Roman alphabet. It was apparent that she had trouble showing her politeness to ask for becoming friends.

Once in a while, I would get those kind of mails someone wants to be friends. However, not a few times, there is nothing written about the offer in the mail(only say nice to meet you, or even worse case is it's empty!)

So, the mail I received this time made me somewhat feel happy^^
Honestly say, what came to my mind when I first saw this mail was かわいい~deshita^^

I wonder if everyone also positively would think about that way, if I sent them friend requests with a insufficient language skills....

That's all for today. いってきま~す!

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Let me introduce a entry journal(entitled as 友達リクエストポリシー <My friend request policy>) in which the same topic as this post was discussed and I was very impressed! Here is the URL:
Please check it out!

.....時間ないので、この翻訳帰宅改めて書きます。ので、よろしく (^_-)-☆

Hi, I will resume translating my journal into Japanese!






友達リクエストポリシー <My friend request policy>というタイトルの、と同じ話題を取り扱った記事を見つけました。内容感銘を受けました。以下URLです:
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