China Again: I Charge You! Beggar Woman Turns to Violence 物乞い女性に逆らうと厄介なことに - また中国からのお話

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Sep 29, 2012 23:56 English Japanese news topic journal china 英語 日本語 ニュース 話題 中国
Yesterday I dealt with a coverage of the regulation on some panhandlings in Chaina.
So, today again I'd like to focus on another related news item, which covered a amazing beggar woman in China. Have a look at the headline below quoted from a website!
"New Way of Money Extortion on China Roads"

Once in a while, we hear about a guy who beg for money turns into a robber all of a sudden. But I have recognized that it's typical of males but never females until now. See the images I attached above. It's a woman who turns to violence!

This woman must have a tough spiritual strength.
As reported by the writer, she unexpectedly charges you as soon as spotted you in your car. If you boldly refused it, you would exactly get on her nerves and be supposed to fall into stickier situation. There these images of the car in the aftermath of her wrath explains everything.

By the way, why she must be in her underwear? Is that because it was a scorching weather that day or just things like that?

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