What Happens to China Next Time: City Stuck Innocent Beggars in Cage 今度は何?中国の町、浮浪者達を檻へ

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This article was published on the internet on September 24 entitled as:
"That’s How They Deal with Beggars in China"
(ENGLISH) http://izismile.com/2012/09/24/thats_how_they_deal_with_beggars_in_china_8_pics.html
(Japanese) http://www.yukawanet.com/archives/4298453.html

Big shocking images with this headline showed up out of the screen, when I first accessed this website several days earlier. And what popped up in my mind was "What on earth began next in China!?"

As always, let me sum up the article.
A festival would take place on a regular basis in a city, China and large number of tourists and thousands of pilgrims visit there. On the flip side, there used to be many beggars hanging around. The organizers have ever considered them as a obstacle who spoil the events. And so, they came up to an idea this time like the following: "Alright, we will stick all the beggars in a cage and everything is going well!"
If you have a normal spirit, you must say "How terrible their procedure is!"
However, this case seems to be somehow a little weird. It's hard to believe but they say the homeless people entered there on their own will. Why? That's because inside the cage is comfortable rather than outside. They don't need wandering about to beg for the money any longer and can secure the roof as well. In addition, they seem to be freely able to enter and leave there.
Wow! Is this really all right with you?
(英語) http://izismile.com/2012/09/24/thats_how_they_deal_with_beggars_in_china_8_pics.html
(日本語) http://www.yukawanet.com/archives/4298453.html


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