Don't Post Entry with Insufficient Language Skill! Studying Grammar First! まず文法をしっかり学んでから投稿しろ!

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Sep 27, 2012 23:56 English Japanese language study learn comment journal entry 日本語 学ぶ 勉強 習得 語学 コメント 日記 投稿
I'm sad but I have to admit that there are some miserable persons here in Lang-8.

Yesterday, I spotted a Japanese guy's comment and corrections on a journal entry which was written by a woman who is learning Japanese. Actually, this woman's journal is one of my favorite ones. In fact, I am really looking forward to reading her entry every time. She is a hard worker who devotes a lot of efforts to improve her language skills. Further more, she has a pretty generous attitude toward everyone.
The Japanese guy I mentioned above seems to have been correcting her Japanese sentences. And then, I'm not pretty sure what happened to him though, he suddenly cut it off halfway. And left a nasty comment like the following.

"What a terrible Japanese you wrote! I got tired so I can't do it any longer. You have to learn grammatical rule first, whereafter you should post something in Japanese."

When I first saw it, I was totally caught off guard rather than got angry. Her Japanese is not that bad.
Then, A feeling came up to my mind, namely: how poor his spirit is. I'm sorry for him. He doesn't seem to have well grown as an adult yet.
So I left a comment to cheer up her in fear of this thoughtless comment hurts her, as soon as I read it.

Concluding today's journal, I really hope that you are not the person like this guy.
Thanks always for reading, commenting and correcting my mistakes. I'm not quite good at English as well. So, please go easy on me!
B'Bye (^_-)-☆