Goods Made by "CREATIVE DESIGNER": You See It Creative? 「クリエイティブなデザイナー」の商品 "クリエイティブ"...

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Sep 25, 2012 23:50 English Japanese news topic 英語 日本語 ニュース 話題
Do you like it?
Please take a look at today's images I attached above. As you can see, it's a knife holder selling for general consumers. Well, I wonder how you appreciate it or whether you find it favorable or not.
This is a website for customers who may want to know more details.

This five pieces of knife set seems to sell for 125 dollars which was produced by, they say, a creative designer in Italy.
I agree with their term "creative designer." On the other hand, something wrong came into my mind when I saw it for the first time. To put it bluntly, I can't help but call it something like a disgusting utensil.

I'm not sure that the feeling I'm overwhelmed by this artistic(?) commodity may come from my own daily life exposed by a plenty of news. Honestly I'm getting fed up with the recent press coverages which cover incredible amount of incomprehensible cruel events. To quote a case, yesterday's journal is exact one that represents our current chaotic society.

Why do people turn themselves into rioters such easily... Why can people commit themselves to such horrible crimes so easily... Why are they...



なぜ人はそうも簡単に暴徒と化すのでしょうか... なぜ人はそんなに軽く身の毛もよだつ犯罪に手を染めることが出来るのでしょうか... なぜ、彼らは...