Mistakenly Made BD Invite Public on Facebook: Thousands Rush to Girl's Birthday Party フェイスブックに誤ってBD招待状公開、少女の家に4千人

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Sep 24, 2012 23:57 English Japanese news topic Holland Netherlands 英語 日本語 ニュース 話題 オランダ
Tonight, this unbelievable news is from the Netherlands.
This is a really interesting article describing a current internet society in the planet.
Here is a video footage on YouTube and the article in the NTD television.


Let me give you a briefing.
On September 21 night, a 16-year-old girl tried to post a birthday invitation to exclusively her friends on her Facebook. But unfortunately she made it public by mistake. So, can you guess what on earth happened? Incredibly thousands of guys flocked to her home! To begin with, she intended to call for only several close peers but as a result, more than 25,000 people clicked the joining button. Oh what a crazy powerful convening ability Facebook has! Or should I say like "I wonder how much lovely she was?"

The story continues.
At last not only the police but also the riot police rushed into the sight! Because the young guys there suddenly turned into awful violent mobs who started throwing rocks and bottles at policemen, even a bicycle, assaulting shops and toppling cars over on its side. They say, finally 34 rioters were arrested and 29 injured.

What a messy incident...