Love is... The More Baffled, The more Attracted 困惑させられ、惑わされ、愛は深まる...のか?

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Sep 23, 2012 09:09 English Japanese news topic 英語 日本語 ニュース 話題
Here is again from a favorite website of mine, National Geographic.

Let me sum up the long article to short.
Research results shows that there are clear differences between men and women in visibility.
Men take advantage of women to follow something moving actively with their gaze from a long distance, while women come before men in distinguishing a color among various ones. They say it apparently comes form the ancient life style in a hunting-and-gathering age.

Well, this kind of research results may not new for us...but it would be a good opportunity to reconfirm differences between male and female.
Hmm, essentially male are different from female medically, physically and the way to think about something. But I consider that's why females attract us (males) , and vice versa. In fact I quite often face the scene forcing me to think like "What the hell is this woman thinking?" On the flip side, I suddenly realize that the more I am confused by her behaviors, the stronger I am fascinated. Of course, it's exactly the story based on how much I respect her to begin with.

Oops, I think it must be the first time for me to deal with something romantic.
In a nutshell, I wonder if sometimes the male-female misunderstandings may be a spice of love after all (#^.^#)

Oh, it just seems like that today's journal got sidetracked a little from the primary tenor (At first, I wanted to write about the study findings purely.) (-_-#)
Anyway, thanks always for checking out my entry!
Any comments are very welcomed. Bye for now またあした (^_-)-☆