Tokyo Show off Whizzy Digital Illumination Tech, Oh Wonderful! 最先端のデジタル光技術 - 東京

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Sep 22, 2012 23:47 English Japanese news topic Tokyo station 英語 日本語 ニュース 話題 東京駅
I was considerably fascinated! What kind of technology they used!? Have you yet had a look at this video footage? The following URL is of the NHK World English news entitled as "Tokyo Station lighting rehearsal before reopening"

It's my everyday routine to check up some English news sights. Especially concerning the NHK, of course I'm Japanese, I never almost fail to watch all the updated news as far as articles contains a video clip. Thanks to myself imposing the routine, I was able to find out a marvelous art used such a cutting-edge engineering.

The station's Marunouchi Building took place a rehearsal for a reopening cerebration.
I live in Osaka. So I was never aware of the facility that had been under the renovation. The performance show is supposed to carry out from 8:00 PM on this Saturday and Sunday. Oh, it's Saturday today! It must be already finished for tonight, right? Well, but even if I wanted to go see it, I couldn't because it's too far to turn out casually from here Osaka T_T

Assuming from the video, the state-of-the-art technology seems to allow for showing us that virtual reality and digital illumination, moving on the wall of the large building.
Yeah, I was really impressed. It might be better than a boring movie^^
Everyone who lives nearby! Why not go out for the cerebration show (^_-)-☆