Mistaken Identity!? Koreans' Woe in China, Japan Conflict えぇ!勘違い!? 韓国の災難

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Sep 21, 2012 10:07 English Japanese news topic China Korea Japan 英語 日本語 日本 ニュース 話題 中国 韓国
Well, what should I say about this series of mishaps for Korean facilities T_T

You know, China and Japan are currently in a sticky situation over a maritime territorial issues and seeking a peaceful solution. Despite strenuous efforts, it has been worse for companies involving in Japanese business activities in China for this more than a week. The Chinese people who claim the right of a inhabitant islet turned into the mob and began rushing at facilities run by Japanese.
I think I comprehend the Chinese people's feeling and Japanese army's improper attitude back in those days. But I have a determination for making it a practice "not to make a specific mention of political issues here in Lang-8." So let me refrain from talking about something like the legitimacy of their conducts. I purely wish this site to keep wonderful to improve my language skills:)

Oh, sorry the story got sidetracked a little! Uh,... What I really wanted to pick up as today's story is not of a political or historical view. It's about Korean people's woes.
As you know, riots attacked Japanese related facilities, consulate, shops and things like that. But actually, those suffered from them were not only Japanese but also some South Korean. Why those who had nothing to do with Japan had to be assaulted?
To my surprise, they seem to have been totally mistaken!
Anti-Japanese protesters set fire to a Samsung building, Korean companies along with Japanese ones. The picture above is then the aftermath of a mistaken identity...
Well, I have no idea what to say...

In concluding today's journal, I would like to show my deep apology for having dealt with such a delicate issue. I'll say no offense was meant.

Thanks always readers for checking my post and commenting!
I would be appreciate your support, corrections, and everything else!
Matane (^_-)-☆