Australia: Never Seen Fire Devil 悪魔の炎!? 初めて見た!

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Sep 20, 2012 23:57 English Japanese news topic tornado twister 英語 日本語 ニュース 話題 竜巻
I wonder if you have ever seen a rare twister that makes flames soar high in the air. The images attached above is the one that I wish to share with you today.
This story is out of the CNN news and it provided the footage as well, which you can watch from the following URL.

I've never seen and heard of this kind of scene entitled by the CNN as "Australian fire devil stretched into sky." Fire devil! At first, I thought the word "fire devil" must be the term coined by a staff writer to describe this fierce natural phenomenon. I impressed by how well it was made. But soon I learned this word already existed in English. Yet even so, it's true that this is an infrequent occurrence as I expected.
According to the article, an Australian happened to come across this event in the outback and captured it. Started shooting a video first, the whirlwind with fire was quite small. So he thought it would fade out in a few minutes. However, it unexpectedly began growing up as sucking up fire. He said the twister caused by flames amazingly reached more than 30 meters and swirled there without moving anywhere for 40 minutes.
This is quoted from the remark he said in the end:“It sounded like a jet fighter going by, yet there wasn’t a breath of wind where we were."
炎を空高く巻き上げるこの珍しい竜巻、見たことあるでしょうか。 上記に添えつけた写真がそれで、今日お話したいことです。 これはCNNからのニュースで、映像も下記URLから見れます。

CNNの見出しが "Australian fire devil stretched into sky" となっているのですが、これまで見たことも聞いたこともありません。"悪魔の火"!