Real? Does Anyone Have Any Idea about This Photo? これって現実の事?

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Sep 18, 2012 23:18 English news topic 英語 ニュース 話題
Oh boy, what would happen if a torrential rain caused a terrible flooding!?
Today's photo is of National Geographic which is one of my favorite websites.
Does anyone have any idea on the image?

What popped up in my mind when I first saw it was "Is it real or photoshopped? If it is genuine, they must be just a comfortable cabin for pleasure guests to have a break, but not a real house for someone to spend an everyday life." Alright, even so, how surreal they are! Personally I love it!

Anyway, in fact this image is really well done even though all of archive images on National Geographic definitely fascinate us. That's why I occasionally access this website for my pleasure, after checking out some English news sites. Why don't you try to browse it, when you don't know what to do to kill the time? Here is the URL for the site.

Oh, speaking of the house on the water, it's coincident to write about this story, following a previous post entitled as "What Amazing Houses as if Boats on River ボートみたいな家!" For you who haven't check it out yet, please let me show the URL below.

Okay, that's all for today.
Thank you for checking out my journal! Glad you enjoy it:)
I would appreciate in advance for your correction and valuable input.
Bye (^_-)-☆
うそですよね! もし大雨でひどい洪水が起きたらどうするの?

初めこの写真を見たとき思ったのは、「これって本当?」「修正写真じゃないの?」「もし本物なら、お客さんが休憩するためのただの小屋に違いない。」 でも、もしそうだったとしても、なんて現実離れした幻想的な光景なんでしょうか。 個人的にとても気に入りました。
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