Must-see: Amazing Ways to Count Tuna in Japanese マグロの数え方がすごい!

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Sep 2, 2012 05:13 Japanese 日本語 how to count 数え方
Oops! It seems much time flew by again since I last posted on, even though I have to be more committed to keeping a entry for my English.
OK, I'll give it a try harder to make regularly use of such a helpful website, Lang-8.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to have learned that as far as "tuna" is exclusively concerned, Japanese has many ways of counting them.
I think those who are learning Japanese don't need to take honestly for memorizing all of them because I'm sure even most of Japanese people don't know to that extend. Please just read and enjoy today's topic as an interesting reading^^

Learning Japanese, one of the most difficult aspects of it is how to count, I assume. As you know there are a lot to confuse the way of counting.
For instance, as to a word "book," we use 冊(satsu) like the following.

On the other hand, we say like the below example for dog or cat.

Let me show some more cases.
人が2人(り) 花が2輪(りん) ビール2本(ほん) 紙が2枚(まい)

You are required to appropriately use of various combinations for numeration depending on the nouns you use. That said, please don't be so serious. Just saying simply such as 本が2, 犬が2 or confusing something like 本が2個, 犬が2個 doesn't bring us any trouble and annoyance at all. In fact, we don't really know all of them, either.

Well, so much for preliminaries. Let's get back to the original subject.
I found it on a website today that in case of the state of tuna, there are an amazing variety of manners to describe number of them.
Here are number presentations for tuna.

When they are in the sea swimming around, they are said such as
1匹、2匹 (the same as the case of rat that is said as ねずみが2匹)

When they are landed, ...
1本、2本 (the same as the case of pen that is said as ペンが2本 )

When it is filleted in wide at a fish market, ...
1丁、2丁 (the same as the case of tofu that is said as とうふが2丁)

When the one filleted is farther cut into chunks of flesh, ...

When the chunk is cut in rectangles at a supermarket or fish store, ...
一冊(ひとさく but never call it いっさつ even if a kanji character is same as the one used for book. In the case for book, for example, we say 本が一冊 "ほんがいっさつ")

When the rectangle of flesh is sliced into sashimi size, ...
一切れ(ひときれ)、二切れ(ふたきれ) (the same as the case of cake that is said as ケーキが二切れ)

I wonder if it somewhat aroused your curiosity^^
That's all for today! Thank you for reading (^_-)-☆ Bye for now♪