The Hepburn System of Romanization

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Dec 31, 2011 15:58
Out of yesterday's my diary:

Sat., Dec. 30
My family had lunch at a kaiten-zushi restaurant.
And then, after less than a hour, I went to a used bookstore, Book-off in Namba with Kiyoshi to buy a English textbook for him.

Kiyoshi's English Education Report Vol. 48:
Today, I couldn't afford to give a lesson during the daytime with one thing and another. So I couldn't help but teach him English at night even though I knew well his nature of the weakness that he tended to be vulnerable to a night-lesson.
I'm so sorry Kiyoshi. Today's lesson continued by midnight which was over the course of about three hours.
You must have done your best to learn English tonight (^_-)-☆

By the way, what I found incredible tonight was how much attention he sustained during learning (@o@)
What happened to him tonight!!!

I made flash cards to help him memorize all the Roman letters, continuing yesterday.
I believe them keeping his memory alive ^^
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