How's everyone trying to correct the journal entries?

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Jun 18, 2013 21:12 添削 correction
Sometimes, I come across the mistakes that those learning Japanese make apparently out of their careless mistakes. In that case, I can't help but hesitate to correct them, so I am always careful to treat them as leaving comforting comments.

Those kinds of careless mistakes and mistypings frequently happen to me as well. Having said that, I see it as a result of my insufficient English proficiency even though it occurs despite I actually already learned and understood them. That's why I always really appreciate everyone who tries being a picky corrector.

As far as I am concerned, not only am I harsh for everyone, but also I am trying to do my best on how strictly I make a correction depending on the proficiency level in writing. For learners who are not good at Japanese, I concentrate on pointing out only something like basic grammatical errors, while I make the journals written skillfully sound more natural.

Thanks always, Lang-8 members.
I'd be lost without you.