TODAY'S TOP STORIES FROM Japan Times - Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011

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On usual Sunday, we are so busy at work.
Also today I was awfully tied up! Sorry Kiyoshi, I couldn't care of you a whole day.
An early morning lesson tomorrow would be available for me. Please get up earlier tomorrow.

Kiyoshi's English Education Report Vol. 23: Japan Philippine Vietnam
As of yesterday's,
Yesterday's lesson was started with the review of the greetings learned the previous day. And after checked how firmly he memorized them, I showed him a globe for the first time. It seems he found it very very interesting ^^
In that precise moment, I asked him where the sun and moon was. He showed a confused look for a while. Then he pointed at a place around the North Pole on the globe. I couldn't help but chuckling and I taught him how the universe is structured. So, yesterday's lesson was started from the things like that, just before getting down to the lesson ^^

The words he newly learned this day were Philippine and Vietnam. Both of them were chosen by himself.


TODAY'S TOP STORIES FROM Japan Times - Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011
- translated into Japanese by Junichi Kawagoe (Nako)

★The following English articles are quoted from Japan Times

Tepco: Staff at nuclear plant felt helpless

Tepco releases an interim report detailing the sense of desperation and helplessness workers at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant felt in the immediate aftermath of the March 11 disasters.
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Scientists a step closer to cloning mammoth

The thighbone of a mammoth discovered in Siberia has been found to contain well-preserved bone marrow, increasing scientists' chances of cloning one of the extinct beasts.
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DPJ exec Maehara prods defense chief Ichikawa to quit
民主党幹部 前原氏、一川保夫防衛相に辞任要求

DPJ policy chief Seiji Maehara prods Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa to resign as opposition cries rise over an ill-chosen comment he made while discussing a gaffe by his former Okinawa affairs chief.
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川越潤一 (Nako)
Free translation by Junichi Kawagoe (Nako)
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