A Certain Mystery Gave Me a Remarkable Ability of Llistening

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Jun 22, 2013 06:48 listening comprehension リスニング オーディオブック audiobook
I wonder how everyone would feel about, after you read the story I am going to talk about from now.
In my previous entry, I said "I got bored with my insufficient ability of listening comprehension in English. For all my effort of carefully reading/listening to the audiobook, I still have some trouble correctly picking up narrator's words."

You know what? This is this morning's thing:
Right on waking up in bed, I picked my headphones up and started listening to the audiobook again. Then, I couldn't resist letting out a surprised sound, "Eh? What happened!" I found myself precisely catching what the narrator was reading in one night. Can you believe that?

As a matter of fact, this kind of mysterious incident has frequently happened to me in the past. Most notably, it is highly possible to happen for some reason when I try to listening English after a long interval. In that case listening is far easier than normal conditions. I really don't know why but it is at least true that they are all welcome things!

Have you ever experienced the similar event as I did?