Incurable Scar Remaining Even After Season Ends 季節が過ぎても傷跡は残り…

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Sep 25, 2011 23:31 News Topics Japan Times English 英語 Japanese 日本語
Mt Fuji Gets White Cap on

A season’s initial snow fell into the summit of Japan’s most renowned and highest mountain Fuji yesterday.

Finally that oppressive summer appears to go away hastily.

However this summer left never-to-be-forgotten memories over each of us living in Japan.

You know, it brought the worst earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis, unparalleled in human history, into reality.

Besides deadly typhoons swept away Japanese archipelago at a measured pace one after another, which didn’t only inundate provincial areas but Tokyo metropolitan district - above all in northern Japan where devastated by the previous quake and radiation, things went worst from worse…no doubt about that.

It's a very personal affair though, another certain thing made this summer become even more something for me.

At the start of this year, actually I was firmly committed in my mind to launch a new business and then implemented it in April amid the Japan’s deepening plight.
今年を始めるにあたり、僕は新しい仕事を始めることを強く心に誓いました。そして日本の窮状(きゅうじょう – 苦難)が深まる中の4月、実行に移しました。

The preparation has unexpectedly taken time - that’s why I haven’t taken care of my diary in Lang-8 to the present(T.T)

Anyway it’s certain that this summer has deeply been taken into my mind.


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