Well, I can't believe that such a long time unexpectedly flew a...

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Apr 6, 2013 00:13
Well, I can't believe that such a long time unexpectedly flew away from the point I posted my journal entry last time. It was the end of January, which means amazingly more than two months have passed by. What a lazy person I am!

Prior to resuming my Lang-8 activities..., here I have to deeply apologize for my impoliteness I disappeared without any notice T_T Now I am thinking about how I was able to do things like this despite I thankfully received everyone's dedication to supporting me learning English. As well, I feel really regretful for this period I haven't studied English here, even though I have been super busy... It is no use trying to excuse myself.

Also concerning one of my jobs as a freelance translator that I started last November, I couldn't help but reluctantly be away from that too. That is because..., actually I have given myself up completely to my new home office transferring from the second floor to the ground floor. Furthermore, I had to change our PCs and devices associated with them to new ones. Honestly speaking, the series of work was terribly tough since I needed to keep working another job that has been our main business related to the Philippines.

Anyway, what made these situations worse was something happened to me just after posting the last journal entry here. No sooner had I posted it than my PC started acting up for some reason. And then soon my daily life came to the point where I got too much to do like the above explanation.

But even so, ....
Well, I am so sorry for my rudeness..., everyone in Lang-8.