Long Time No See~♪♪

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Jun 2, 2013 22:57
Now, Japan is right in the middle of the rainy season that is called "tsuyu" in Japanese, which means seasons have drastically changed since when I was quite active on Lang-8.

There are a few I have noticed when I have first logged on here for months.
What I was impressed above all is about some of my lang-8 friends. They have continued the precious effort to improve their target languages while I was unexpectedly idling. I am so proud of them!

Then, the other thing I noticed is how efficiently Lang-8 improved...
Has everything become nicer? I would like to check it out from now!

Here, that's all for today!!

Well, just before wrapping up today's journal, I would like to ask something.
I wonder if the sentence I wrote in this entry "There are a few I have noticed when I have..." is grammatically a proper way to describe, using "a few" as a pronoun.

Thank you-☆