Deeply sorry for my rudeness toward your kindness to my post. ごめんなさい。

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Dec 14, 2012 00:32
I can't believe what happened to me these days!!!
It was a week ago that all the computers in our restaurant with shop and my home office had lost the internet connection all of a sudden! To make things worse, even after having recovered the internet access, our computers had been something wrong until yesterday!!!

So I have been caught up in coping with this incident as managing to keep our Philippine-related business, which has been our main business for nearly 10 years.
All the things have been crazy ever since this horrible accident had taken place back then.

Here, I have to deeply apologize those always paying a great attention on my journal entries.
In a couple of days, I will log on Lang-8 again and keep posting and making corrections/comments on everyone's post more than before!

Again, I am so sorry for my rudeness to belatedly answer your precious efforts having corrected/advised on the latest post of mine.
It will never happen again. ごめんなさい。