Must-see: Incomprehensible Problem I Wrote in My Last Entry Resolved!

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Jun 21, 2013 23:31 notification 通知機能 function Lang-8
Way to go! The cause of my annoying problem of Lang-8 functions on my home page has clarified!

Some hours ago, I wrote about this problem; the useful pop up function to notify me of new corrections someone made on my entries suddenly didn't work. However when I was reading and correcting Lang-8 member's entries, I luckily came across a similar post as mine written about this problem.

In which he kindly explained why this inconvenience happened to us, saying that it's because the system itself had been changed by Lang-8 staffs, so, from now on, we need to click on the red button set at the top right as an alternative method of the previous pop up functions.

Whew~, this guy's informative post saved my day!