Warnings about Using the Internet (2)

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Nov 10, 2017 05:50
You can easily enjoy sharing and exchange of information with each other on the internet, but at the same time, you need to recognize that you should use it based on the principle of self-responsibility. First of all, you are supposed to take on your responsibility as an information transmitter.
Basically, the acts that are illegal in our daily life are also illegal on the internet. Even if it is not illegal, it can be viewed as detrimental and it can draw criticism. You can be socially punished. So, you have to be well aware of the responsibilities and risks associated with transmission of information on the internet.
Besides, as an information receiver, you have to act in self-defense to prevent yourself from being scammed by phishing frauds. You should be self-conscience about the fact that there is some unreliable information on the internet, which may even constitute an offence.

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The Internet allows you to share and exchange information. In doing so, however, you must exercise the principle of self-responsibility. First, as a sender of information, you should take the responsibility for what you send through the Internet. A deed against laws is banned on the Internet as well. Even if it is not an illegal action, you may get social sanctions such as complaints and criticism that your action or information is harmful to society. Therefore, you need to fully recognize the risk and responsibility accompanied with sending information to the Internet. Second, as a receiver of information, you need to keep in mind that some information on the Internet is unreliable and even contains some elements with criminal intentions. You should protect yourself not to get involved in any trouble on the Internet.