Our "Stand By Me", -- part4

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May 23, 2012 11:00
After a lengthy discussion, we reached a conclusion about our adventure. Finally, we reached a consensus. It would be a long-distance one-day trip by train to “the nearest station to the blue heaven.”
“The nearest station to the blue heaven" referred to Nobeyama station in Nagano prefecture. It is famous for being the highest station in Japan, located at 1,345.67 m above sea level. We decided to travel on a train around the central region of Honshū, Japan's main island all by ourselves in deep secrecy, especially from our parents.

This conclusion was mainly a reflection of Kazuyoshi's personal interest. He was a science nerd. He knew much more than us about the railroad. Thus, the idea loomed big in Kazuyoshi's mind. I agreed with his proposal. Indeed, in terms of thrill, it was inferior to my plan, but it was not too bad. Shuzo also agreed to it.

The next day, after the cram school's summer course, we continued to iron out the details of our conspiracy.

One thing I noticed was that our adventure was in obvious conflict with our elementary school regulations.
For example:
・When a student goes out, he or she has to inform family members about it.
・Students must not travel unaccompanied.

I thought that if our adventure leaked to our school, there would be all hell to pay; I would lose my position as the General Secretary of the student council.

We vowed to keep our adventure a secret.