Penguin Island

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May 18, 2012 11:00
Think of my melancholy, when I came all the way from a far country to this island beyond the sea. I didn’t know whether it was night or day. The island was sleeping surrounded by fog.

Then the sun was gradually getting up. And I found myself caged up in some kind of facilities. There were a lot of penguins in the island.

I spoke to one of the penguins,
"Where am I?"
He looked at me with a merciful eye, and replied,
“I don’t know. But we are not in Antarctica…. Actually, we are in an aquarium.”

I asked,
“Why not try to escape?”
He said,
“Stop talking nonsense. This is a good place, nice and cozy. We are free from any danger.
Above all things, we have no worries of meal.”

Alas! This temptation might have been the true. I felt something was faltering in my mind.
But, even though, my natural tendency that was born and brought up in the wild nature
persistently cried out, “NO!”

A news headline, 15th May, 2012

“Fugitive penguin still at large in Tokyo Bay – confirmed by video” (adaptation)