A Dream of an Eggplant (a Japanese Traditional Joke)

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Jul 2, 2011 11:33
Rakugo is a Japanese traditional performance which is played by a story-teller. Rakugo stories include funny stories, stories with warm human relationships, horrors and so on, and laughter is an important factor in Rakugo.

If you want to know more, you may want to read this:

A Rakugo story is usually proceeded by dialogue which is played by a story-teller alone.

I found this joke (called "kobanashi" in Japanese) in a Rakugo story and became fond of it:

A: I heard you had a very large-scale dream last night.
B: Yeah, I did.
A: What dream? My friend, Tatsu, had a dream in which he sat on Mt. Fuji. That's really a big dream.
B: My dream is bigger than it. I dreamed an eggplant.
A: An eggplant? It doesn't seem big. ...How big was it? One foot?
B: No, bigger than it.
A: Two feet? Three feet?
B: No, bigger than it.
A: Was the eggplant as big as a tatami?
B: Bigger than it.
A: As big as this room?
B: More.
A: As big as this street?
B: More.
A: Well, what eggplant was it?
B: It was just like darkness with a calyx.

A: 昨晩、ずいぶんと大きな夢を見たんだってな。
B: おう、見たよ。
A: どんな夢だ? 辰っつあんは富士の山に腰掛けた夢を見たっていうけどな。そりゃ、でっけえ夢だな。
B: おれの夢のほうが大きいぜ。ナスの夢を見たんだ。
A: ナス? 大きそうじゃないけどな。・・・どのくらい大きかったんだ? 一尺か?
B: いや、もっと大きい。
A: 二尺か? 三尺か?
B: いや、もっと大きい。
A: 畳くらいの大きさのナスか?
B: もっと大きい。
A: この部屋くらい大きいのか?
B: もっとだ。
A: 町内くらいの大きさか?
B: もっとだ。
A: ふぅ~ん、どんなナスだ?
B: 暗闇にヘタがついたみたいだった。