How to make impactful work - 1on1 with my manager

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Feb 3, 2015 22:09
How to make impactful work - 1on1 with my manager

I am writing diary after a long interval. This helps me summarise what happen in my work and how to improve it.

I will write about team MTG with our manager today.

1. Focus on impactful work
I and our team tent to do urgent but not important work requested by counter part. It might be helpful for short term however if we want to change a game, we should work for important things even it takes time. Today, my manger called our team and told this story in our team MTG. (Actually this was the first our team MTG in this year since we had business trip separately) As step to make sure this, we shared current work plan in this week and committed it as weekly delivery. If we want to do additional work, we need to find time out of our committed work.

by the way, our manager is indian. He is really person who focuses impactful work and makes priority for all work including MTG.

It's good for me who was in Japanese community which tend to do a lot of work without priority.