What is the most important invention?

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Jan 31, 2012 00:52
I wrote the science topic yesterday. What I wrote is being able to control machine through our mind with in 5 years. Future technology is a very interesting. I always be fascinated by that topic. Against it, I would like to focus on past technology or invention.

What do you think is the most important invention for human?
What is the most useful invention?

I think electric is the most important invention. As you know, there are a lot of electric device around us today. We can see and use them everyday. Most of the devices need electric as power. It is the origin of power to electric device. we cannot do anything without it.

Recently, it is closely watched as clean energy. Fossil fuel which have a big energy produce CO2. It is said to be a cause of global warming. The machine producing CO2 is a car. It also a great invention, give us chance to go out far place.

My lab study Electric vehicle. To be more specific, we study Li-ion battery, which is used by moble phone, note book PC camera and so on. Almost small electric device use it. we are trying to invent new battery which have more energy than the present Li-ion battery. If we would be able to invent it, we could drive EV as with gas vehicle.

I wanted to talk about past invention but am talking future technology. regardless of electric, there are a lot of new technology now.:)
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