Mind will control machenes within 5 years.

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Jan 28, 2012 02:12
I read very interesting topic in this morning. It is said that minds control machines with in 5 years. The experts think people will soon be able to control machines simply by using their mind.

The dream day like SF movie is coming. We will be able to control without doing and saying anything, we only think.

I am concerned with some of the dangers of it.

First, how to use.
We can get personal information to use this technology. Attaching this tool to people, we are able to know what he think,feel and want to do regardless of his will.

Secondly, The computer may become a intellectual creature.
It means that the computer understand what people think. They get feeling and will be able to think by themselves. As if i-robot which is SF movie, some intellectual robot might make war against human to get their ideal world.

Lastly,but far from the least, the most important is how to use technology. As I am scientist in gradate school, I think technology itself is very pure.