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Aug 31, 2011 22:39
Recently, My English-language environments is changed.
There are three changes. It is as follows.

◇Firstly, Summer English training was finished.
In the middle of August, I received English training which was provided by company. It's very fantastic. I could got not only English skills but also communication skills,which is how to speak logically, to make the partnership and to make a effective presentation. We discussed the case study. After that, We made a presentation. Our teacher recorded it and gave us feedback about register, standing, body language and direction of eyes.

◇Secondly, Next English training will be started.
From September, The new training will be started. There is a monthly English conversation with my English teacher. I can use a online english program whenever I want. That program is fun. From now to entering company, I try to continue it for studying english.

◇Lastly, I am going to make a presentation in English.
My mentor gave the opportunity of the presentation in English. This is not company's training.
I have the monthly mtg with my mentor. I usually talk about university life, career, training plan. But I already had made a training plan in last mtg. So I asked him to teach presentation in English from next mtg.
I am thinking about what topic is the best. Now, I am going to talk about my career or people development(human resource). Because I think it is better to tell him my career plan. which is my goal at company. I want some business skill at this company. I want to become a coach or teacher in business field. So I have to get coaching skill and some professional skill. In my case, it is marketing skill. In the future, I want to cultivate human resources capable of being active in global field.

Next week, I have a science conference at Hokkaido. I have to make the presentation. I am busy, but I try to do a little bit of English everyday.