How do you reach your goal?

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Jul 20, 2011 22:21
Yesterday,on twitter, my friend said that I want to learn from various fields.

I almost agree with her. I think that everything could be opportunity we can learn from. we can get sooo much things from that.
But what people learn from is different. It's depend on people's experience. and where people want to go.

There are two way to reach goal on life , means career.

First, after starting, we set goal. For example, I want to be soccer player.
It's simple way but very hard.
when by? How?
People learn from everything for being soccer player.

Second,don't set goal after starting.
go to somewhere anyone don't know.
you chose way to go depend on your intuition. before you know it, you would have got to goal.

First is known as career anchor theory.
Second is known as planned happenstance theory.

My career type is second one.
So learning is very exciting for me.
and learning something is my career.
Everyday is exciting.It's my best situation.
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